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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Possible Replacement for Online Support Representatives or Telephone Call-Ins?

Meet Amelia: IPsoft’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Interacts like a Human

Free Hands and Minds Through Automation

IPSoft | September 29, 2014

IPsoft today announced a new artificial intelligence platform named “Amelia” that makes it possible to automate knowledge work across a broad range of functions. Exposed to the same information as any new hire, she can quickly apply her knowledge to solve queries in a wide range of business processes. With Amelia able to shoulder the burden of tedious, often laborious tasks, she partners with human coworkers to achieve new levels of productivity and service quality.

Amelia. IPSoft. Source:
Whereas many other technologies demand that humans adapt their behavior in order to interact with ‘smart machines’, Amelia is intelligent enough to interact like a human herself. This equips her to deliver a top quality customer experience for any of the businesses in which she is deployed.

<more at (Meet Amelia. Be Part of the Future. IPsoft is a disruptive technology company. From our inception our founders recognized that automation will shape the future of IT and business operations. IPsoft is a trailblazer in autonomic and cognitive technologies.) and (Meet Amelia, the AI Platform That Could Change the Future of IT. May 26, 2015)>

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