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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Unseen Art Sculptures

Masterpieces Turned into 3D Printed Sculptures for Blind and Visually Impaired People to Enjoy

Anna Gragert | November 30, 2015

When admiring an artistic masterpiece, we often think about the artist behind the work, the medium itself, and perhaps the inspiration behind the work. What we don't typically consider is that we're fortunate enough to actually see what's before us. "There are many people in the world who have heard of classical artworks their whole lives but are unable to see them," explains Marc Dillon, who's behind the Unseen Art venture. In an effort to resolve this issue, this project gives blind and visually impaired individuals the opportunity to touch prestigious works of art that have been transformed into 3D prints.

Unseen Art

<more at; related links: (+Video) (Unseen Art: experiencing art for the first time. December 2, 2015)  and (The new tech allowing blind people to ‘see’ art. Help fund the 3D printing of classical and contemporary artworks for the visually impaired and blind. November 19, 2015)>

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