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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Universal Phone Charger

Switzerland Aims For A Universal Phone Charger By 2017

Tyler Lee | December 28, 2015

Recently in Europe, it has been proposed that all handset manufacturers need to comply by creating a universal phone charger. While proprietary chargers for mobile devices are pretty much dead, there is still a divide between iOS devices and every other device. Apple still relies on Lightning while most, if not all, other OEMs use micro USB.
However it looks like Europe won’t be the only region to implement such a plan because over in Switzerland, it seems that the country wants universal chargers to become standard by 2017 as well. However they have not specified what kind of standard they want, but there is a good chance that we could be looking at micro USB as that is the most common charger at the moment.

The current array of variety of chargers. Source:

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