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Friday, December 18, 2015

Virtual Reality (VR) Visit To Santa's Workshop At JC Penney

JC Penney Shoppers Visit Santa's Workshop in New Virtual Reality Initiative

Department Store Tries to Improve Its Brand Perception in Campaign Created by Narrative

Adrianne Pasquarelli | December 14, 2015

[Blogger's note: It seems that the desire to get you into the store is the big reason here. Otherwise, VR should be available from anywhere with an Internet connection and even inexpensive VR glasses such as Google cardboard could be used for around $10.00 or so.]
Santa's going virtual in a new marketing push from JC Penney this holiday season. In an effort to drive more shoppers to the brand, and to its stores, the Plano, Tex.-based retailer has set up four virtual reality experiences at malls around the country. Dubbed "Twas the Flight Before Christmas," the initiative sends participants -- outfitted with an Oculus headset -- to the North Pole where they can interact with reindeer, elves and snowmen. The program runs from Dec. 5 through Dec. 24 and will be offered at malls with JC Penney locations in Bronx, N.Y.; Columbus, Ohio; Glendale, Ariz.; and Springfield, Va.

Shoppers who come across the physical installation will find a large monitor and Santa’s sled surrounded by JCP merchandise. The user sits in the sled, dons an Oculus Rift DK2 headset, and begins their adventure to the North Pole as an audience looks on in amusement. Source:

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