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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Internet Health

A Collection of Shorter Posts About the State of the Internet

The Backbone of the Internet
The Backbone of the Internet is mostly fiber-optic cable spanning across the world allowing companies, individuals, governments and more, all to be able to connect to each other. Source:

Facebook Warns That the Internet Could Get a Lot Less Secure

The End of the SHA-1 Security Algorithm, Which Expires in Early 2016, Could Block Access to Encrypted Sites on Older Web Browsers
Pavithra Mohan | December 11, 2105
When the SHA-1 security algorithm ceases to be used next year, it could make the Internet less safe for a lot of people. The algorithm offered access to encrypted sites—think more secure HTTPS websites—and was compatible with most browsers. Its successor SHA-256, however, will only be able to provide secure connections on more up-to-date browsers.

Will Fear Change the Internet? Self-Policing Has Already Started

Keith Wagstaff | December 13, 2015
After the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, public figures including President Obama, Donald Trump and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt called for regulating online activity.

Not Shared by All? China Blocks New York Times from World Internet Conference
Vivienne Zeng | December 15, 2015
A New York Times technology reporter has said that the American newspaper has been excluded from this year’s China’s World Internet Conference, set to open on Wednesday in Wuzhen, Zhejiang.
“China’s World Internet Conference calls for an ‘interconnected world shared+governed by all.’ Yet NYTimes excluded for 2nd straight year,” reporter Paul Mozur said on Twitter.

New Submarine Cable to Make Internet Access 10 Times Faster
Patrick Alushula | December 15, 2015
Liquid Sea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquid Telecom, is planning to transform the speed, reliability and cost of Internet in Africa through a new sub-sea cable that will link the continent to the Middle East and Europe.

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