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Friday, October 30, 2015

The 3D Printing Ecosystem

Understanding The 3D Printing Ecosystem

Andreas Bastian | October 29, 2015

[...]By shifting our perspective when regarding 3D printing, and viewing it as a system of constituent parts, we can change our understanding of its capabilities. Typically, we break the system into the following components:

  • Design: This largely means what we, the users of the technology, ask it to make for us.
  • Hardware: The machines that actually do the work of the additive processes to make physical things.
  • Materials: These include every type of resin, metal, ceramic, plastic or raw material that are turned into functional objects by 3D printing technology.
  • Software: Converts design data into fabrication data, as well as the software onboard the machines and the software that routes data to the machines.

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