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Friday, October 16, 2015

Ed Tech

Ed-Tech and the Californian Ideology

Audry Watters | May 17, 2015

When I spoke at Davidson College earlier this month, several of the questions from the audience involved my framing of a “Silicon Valley narrative” involving education, technology, and innovation. They said that this narrative was unfamiliar to them – that the arguments that they heard, particularly from colleagues, about education, technology, and innovation were quite different. That is, education technology is supportive, not exploitative. Education technology opens, not forecloses, opportunities. Education technology is driven by a rethinking of teaching and learning, not expanding markets. Education technology meets individual and institutional and community goals.


<more at; related link: (The Californian Ideology by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron. Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron. 1995) and (Technology Imperialism, the Californian Ideology, and the Future of Higher Education. October 15, 2015)>

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