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Friday, October 23, 2015

How Publishers Explain Textbook Costs

Follett Insight

The Real Cost of Textbooks— and Affordable Options for Students

Follett Corporation | n.d.

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Textbook sticker shock is all too familiar to college students. In fact, since 1978, textbook prices have risen a whopping 812 percent — more than double the increase of new home prices.1  That means a textbook costing $25 then would cost $203 today.


On the surface, many students are surprised at the local costs of course materials per term. They often think that the materials are unaffordable, especially when layering in the reality of rising tuition bills.  The good news? Options exist that can bring the price of course materials within students’ reach. In fact, the actual costs are much lower than published prices when you consider alternatives such as rental and used book programs, and digital editions offered by the campus store.

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