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Friday, October 16, 2015

3D Printing: Just A Fad?

Is 3D Printing Just a Fad – Or Is the Best Yet to Come?

Investors are losing confidence, but the industry is carving a niche

Jamie Carter | October 15, 2015

Is it anyone's fault if the industry they work for gets overhyped, saddled with huge expectations for immediate profit, consequently overvalued, and then suffers a mini-crash as investors realise it's not quite the overnight sensation they had hoped for?
Nowhere is there more convincing evidence of a 'tech bubble' than in 3D printing, which hasn't revolutionised every factory on the planet, and nor has it found its way into homes. Investors' loss of patience has led to declining share prices for 3D printing companies throughout 2015, and staff lay-offs.


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