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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Amazon to Underwrite Translation of Books into English

Amazon commits $10M over the next 5 years to help translate books into English

Paul Sawers | October 13, 2015

Amazon has announced it will invest $10 million over the next five years into translating more books into English.


AmazonCrossing, the translation imprint of Amazon Publishing, has helped translate 200 titles in 19 languages from authors in 29 countries since it launched back in 2010. The fresh $10 million in funding will boost its translation and help increase the number of languages and countries it currently caters to.

<more at (AmazonCrossing Announces $10 Million Commitment to Translating Books into English. Investment to increase the number and diversity of books in translation. New website open for proposals at October 13, 2015)>

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