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Friday, August 28, 2015

Website Preservation

The Internet Is Failing The Website Preservation Test

Ron Miller | August 27, 2015

The other day I was writing an article and I wanted to link to a piece I wrote when I was at CITEworld in 2013 — just two years ago. I went searching for it, but soon discovered that IDG, the publication’s owners had taken the site down — and all of its content with it. While this was one small example, it illustrates the issues we have around content preservation on the internet.

In fact, on a personal level much of my writing from this entire century is simply gone. I could have preserved each article I’ve written, of course, if I could keep up and remember to do it. Evernote or similar service provides a way for me to capture web pages — but the archiving onus shouldn’t be on individuals like me.

<more at; related links: [Blogger's note: shows the total number of websites on the Internet with an up-to-the moment count. Includes annual statistics and other facts.] and ('Link rot’ is degrading legal research and case cites. December 1, 2013)>

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