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Friday, August 14, 2015

Eye Tracking as a Help for People with Disabilities

Eye Tracking Technology Allows Paralyzed People to Communicate Independently
Jeba Christy | August 10, 2015
Scientists at the University of California, San Diego are developing high-tech assistive technology to help individuals with disabilities. Using the most advanced ubiquitous computing technologies, the project will look into helping people facing a wide variety of challenges.

One of the early prototypes developed by Weibel and his team is EyeHome. The EyeHome system links together independent eye-controlled applications, much like the home screen on a smartphone. Source:

<more at; related link: (Computer Scientists Work to Help Individuals with Locked-in Syndrome Thanks to Moxie Foundation. August 3, 2015) and (+Video) (Eye-control Empowers People with Disabilities)>

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