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Friday, August 21, 2015

Internet for Space (for Users on Earth)

Samsung Space Internet May Bring the Web to the Whole Wide World

Chris Burns | August 17, 2015

This week researcher Farooq Khan from Samsung Electronics has published a paper on full earth-covering internet. This system, he suggests, would consist of "thousands of low-cost micro-satellites" that'll be launched into Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) to provide Terabit/s data rate speeds of internet to the whole globe. This system would be able to send data with signal latencies "better than or equal to" the ground-based systems we use today. This system would serve to take care of the internet needs of our planet through the next several decades.


<more at (Samsung Wants to Blanket the Earth in Satellite Internet. Data for All. August 17, 2015) and (Mobile Internet from the Heavens. Farooq Kahn. 2015 [Abstract: Almost two-thirds of the humankind currently does not have access to the Internet, wired or wireless. We present a Space Internet proposal capable of providing Zetabyte/ month capacity which is equivalent to 200GB/month for 5 Billion users Worldwide. Our proposal is based on deploying thousands of low-cost micro-satellites in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), each capable of providing Terabit/s data rates with signal latencies better than or equal to ground based systems.]>

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