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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Libraries and Technology

Technology Takes Center Stage at Innovative Libraries

E-reading collections, tech training opportunities and 3D printing move libraries beyond books.

Meg Conlan | May 27, 2015

For libraries, the emergence of the Digital Age once meant installing computer workstations and Wi-Fi. But as new technologies continue to reshape patrons’ expectations, libraries must find new ways to keep up with the times.
In Minnesota, Carver County Library tackled the challenge by looking beyond print media when designing its newest facility. Walls & Ceilings magazine explains how the recently opened branch library in Victoria differs from predecessors in both form and function...


<more at; related link: (What Makes the MLK Jr. Memorial Library a Digital Hub? [#Infographic]; The library has made nearly 800 3D prints for patrons since opening its 11,000-square-foot Digital Commons area a year ago. July 24, 2015)>

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