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Friday, November 6, 2015

YouTube 3D Video

For YouTube, Virtual Reality Means 3D Video for Everyone

The world's largest video site is preparing for what Silicon Valley increasingly believes will be a major shift in the way tech reaches into your everyday life.

Richard Nieva | November 5, 2015

[...]The experience, which took place in YouTube's unassuming headquarters here, underscores the promise and challenge of the video-streaming service's efforts to develop virtual reality. Wearing VR goggles puts you in a digital world that feels real. I almost knocked my water bottle off a table as I whipped around to see more of the stunning vista.
YouTube's VR vehicle of choice is Google's no-frills Cardboard headset that turns your smartphone into a VR viewer when you pop it into the contraption. The VR videos are dubbed 360 because they let you step into a scene you're watching and look up, down, around and behind you.


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