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Monday, November 16, 2015

Google Fiber Brings A Slow Revolution About

With Another Major Expansion, Google Fiber's Looking Less Like an Adorable Experiment and More Like a Disruptive Broadband Revolution
Karl Bode | October 30, 2015
When Google Fiber first launched in 2012, many analysts (myself included) believed that while cool, Google Fiber was little more than a clever PR experiment. Having cities throw themselves at Google for $70, gigabit connections created wonderful PR fodder in papers nationwide, in the process drawing attention to the lack of broadband competition and spurring incumbent ISPs to action. But Google was never going to really follow through on the promise of better competition, and would probably get bored in a few years. After all, it would cost way too much to actually deliver competition on any scale, right?


Google Fiber was founded with the goal to make the web faster and better. Since we launched in 2012, we’ve been humbled by the overwhelming response. We want to bring Fiber to more people and  places and are starting with these cities. Source:

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