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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

3D Printing of Fossils

3D Printing Fossils: Oxford Researcher Prints & Shares Fossils from Jurassic Epoch

Fabian | November 23, 2015

[...]With some colleagues, Roger recently published a paper reporting the discovery of a 170-million-year-old fossilized mammal jaw belonging to a mouse-sized species called Palaeoxonodon ooliticus. The team found this jaw in Middle Jurassic rocks on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Palaeoxonodon is an important species for understanding the evolution of molar teeth in modern mammals. With the help of Roger’s 3D printing and 3D scanning knowledge, the team of researchers found out that that three species previously described on the basis of individual fossilized teeth actually might only belong to just one species.[...]

Example of 3D scanned and printed dinosaur skull. Source:
<more at; related links: (Oxford Researcher Recovers Jurassic Epoch Fossils with 3D Printing. November 25, 2015) and (Newly Discovered Hadrosaur Restored with 3D Printing. September 24, 2015)>

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