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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Most Developers Have Not Been Part of a Successful Project

Most Developers Have Never Seen a Successful Project

CD Guru: You're doing it all wrong, again and again

Joe Fay | November 11, 2015

Most software professionals have never seen a successful software development project, continuous delivery evangelist Dave Farley said, and have “built careers on doing the wrong thing”.
Farley, kicking off the Continuous Lifecycle conference in Mannheim, said study after study had shown that a small minority of software development projects could be judged successes.
One study of 5,400 projects, by McKinsey and Oxford University, showed that 17 per cent of projects were so catastrophically bad they had threatened the very existence of the company.

For IT solutions delivered by an external supplier, the client - supplier relationship is considered as very important to the success of the project. Source:

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