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Friday, November 20, 2015

IBM Watson Trend App

IBM's Watson Knows Your Children Better Than You Do

If you're short on gift ideas this holiday season, IBM's Watson supercomputer might be able to help out.

Leah Becerra | November 18, 2015

[...]Enter IBM's Watson supercomputer. Yes, the same AI that won "Jeopardy!" with its cognitive computing abilities.
Now, the CPU is using its "brain" power to research consumer preferences and help reveal which products and brands are likely to sell best this season. And all the information Watson uncovers will be available to you in app form.


In theory, the IBM Watson Trend app would take the guesswork out of gift buying and hopefully get you to the store sooner.
IBM says Watson "uses predictive analytics to forecast if a particular trend is a fleeting fad or will continue to remain strong."

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