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Monday, November 9, 2015

Scholarly Publishing: Mass Exodus at a Linguistics Journal

What a Mass Exodus at a Linguistics Journal Means for Scholarly Publishing

Ellen Wexler | November 5, 2015

It was the kind of exit designed to make a statement.
Last week all six editors and all 31 editorial-board members resigned from Lingua, a prominent linguistics journal, after a disagreement with the journal’s publisher, Elsevier. The announcement re-energized concerns about the relationship between academics and for-profit companies, and the future of scholarly publishing.


<more at; related links: (Renegotiation of editorial collaboration - Lingua in Open Access. October 7, 2015) and (Addressing the resignation of the Lingua editorial board. We regret the board’s decision to resign, but more so the misunderstandings that have accompanied it. We hope to clarify some of them here. November 5, 2015)>

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