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Thursday, November 19, 2015

iPhone Case Is Also a Virtual Reality (VR) Viewer

The Figment iPhone Case Is Also a VR Viewer

For the on-the-go immersive content connoisseur

Sean O'Kane | November 17, 2015 

Virtual reality is slowly but surely marching toward the mainstream, and it's dragging 360-degree video along with it. With that, the number of ways we can watch this content is growing, too: Samsung finally released a consumer version of the Gear VR, the Oculus Rift is on the horizon, and The New York Times dropped a million Google Cardboard viewers on US doorsteps last week. 

Figment VR is an iPhone case that turns into a VR headset. Source:
<more at; related links: (Figment VR is an iPhone case that turns into a VR headset. November 17, 2015) and (An iPhone case that's also a VR viewer: Figment VR offers up pocket-portable virtual reality. Flip-out VR goggles that fold back up into an iPhone case: Figment VR's design is what more phone VR accessories should look like. November 17, 2015)>

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