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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Future of the MLS/MLIS

The Future of the MLS: New Report from the University of Maryland

Alan Inouye | August 7, 2015

Last summer, the iSchool at the University of Maryland launched the Re-Envisioning the MLS initiative. The premise is that future professionals in library and library-related fields will likely need fundamentally different educational preparation than what is provided by current curricula. Based on an extensive body of research, outreach, and analysis, yesterday the iSchool released its report Re-Envisioning the MLS: Findings, Issues, and Considerations.
As summarized in the report release:
The findings have a number of implications for LIS education and MLS programs, including:
• Attributes of Successful Information Professionals. Successful information professionals are not those who wish to seek a quiet refuge out of the public’s view. They need to be collaborative, problem solvers, creative, socially innovative, flexible and adaptable, and have a strong desire to work with the public.
• Ensure a Balance of Competencies and Abilities. MLS programs need to ensure that students have a range of competencies, but that aptitude needs to be balanced with a progressive attitude (“can do,” “change agent,” “public service”).
• Re-Thinking the MLS Begins with Recruitment. Neither a love of books or libraries is enough for the next generation of information professionals. Instead they must thrive on change, embrace public service, and seek challenges that require creative solutions. Attracting students with a strong desire to serve the public is critical.
• Be Disruptive, Savvy, and Fearless. Through creativity, collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurship, information professionals have the opportunity to disrupt current approaches and practices to existing social challenges. The future belongs to those who are socially innovative, entrepreneurial, and change agents who are bold, fearless, willing to take risks, go “big,” and go against convention.

<more at; related links: (The Future of the MLIS. Imparting enduring values with changing instruction models. October 30, 2015) and (Re-Envisioning the MLS: Findings, Issues, and Considerations. John Carlo Bertot, Lindsay C. Sarin, and Johnna Percell. August 1, 2015)>

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