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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Citizens Create Their Own Internet Service

How a Group of Neighbors Created Their Own Internet Service

Powered by radios in trees, homegrown network serves 50 houses on Orcas Island.

Jon Brodkin | November 1, 2015

[...]Faced with a local ISP that couldn’t provide modern broadband, Orcas Island residents designed their own network and built it themselves. The nonprofit Doe Bay Internet Users Association (DBIUA), founded by Sutton, Brems, and a few friends, now provide Internet service to a portion of the island. It’s a wireless network with radios installed on trees and houses in the Doe Bay portion of Orcas Island. Those radios get signals from radios on top of a water tower, which in turn receive a signal from a microwave tower across the water in Mount Vernon, Washington.


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