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Friday, November 6, 2015

"A Third Eye": 3RDi

Creepier than Google Glass? A Third Eye in the Middle of Your Head (+Video)

Technically Incorrect: 3RDi is a camera that sits in the middle of your head. It wants to "capture your life," while perhaps it captures everyone else's too.

Chris Matyszczyk | November 4, 2015

It caused wearers to be called "Glassholes."
Doesn't 3rdiTEK not envision a similar reaction?
A company spokesman told me: "Google Glass is not the best social or fashionable pieces of techwear. It's geeky. It's a technology that hampers the user since it needs its constant attention."


This contrasts, he said, with 3RDi because "the versatility of the 3RDi is amazing. You can play basketball and capture your game. It's basically like comparing a PC (Google Glass) and a Mac (3RDi)."

<more at; related links: (3RDiTEK. We are live on Indiegogo. Check Out our Video)  and (3RDiTEK.  The 3RDi ("Third eye") is a techwear device that allows you to enjoy your present moment while capturing it, with its amazing HD camera, the 3RDi captures videos & photos just like an action camera. Published November 3, 2015)>

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