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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Audio Tape: Will It Return to Prominence

Reel-to-Reel Tape is the New Vinyl

A guide to the latest trend in retro audiophilia

Rene Chun | October 5, 2015

Like string theory, audiophile subculture is complex and defined by unresolved questions. Is an insanely expensive cable really better than an outrageously expensive cable? Do tube amps trump solid-state amps? Horn, electrostatic, or ribbon hybrid speakers? What about Kind of Blue — mono or stereo? Each position can be defended or attacked with various specs, waveform graphs, and double blind listening tests.

The Tape Project. Releasing classic albums on reel-to-reel, duplicated from the original master tapes. Source:

<more at; related links: (The Tape roject) and (The Return Of The Cassette Tape: National Audio Company Still Makes 10 Million Audiocassettes Per Year. September 2, 2015)>

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