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Friday, September 25, 2015

Will Robots Replace Doctors?

The Human Physician Will Soon Become History. Here’s Why.

Robert Khoo | September 22, 2015

In the age of spiritual machines Ray Kurzweil in 2001 predicted:
By 2020, a $1,000 computer will match processing speed of the human brain — 20 billion calculations per second.

Dr. Alan Shatzel, medical director of the Mercy Telehealth Network, is displayed on the monitor RP-VITA robot at Mercy San Juan Hospital in Carmichael, CA. Source: 2030, it will simulate the brain power of a small village about 1,000 human minds.
By 2048, it will have the brain power of the entire population of the U.S.
I predict that within 20 to 30 years the computer will replace the venerable physician. Computers can already be programmed to detect sarcasm and read emotions. They can study your face and body language. Computerized psychotherapists or cybertherapy is soon to come.

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