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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Official Arduino 3D Printer

Arduino Materia 101


[Blogger's note: According to available for Pre-Order since October 16, 2014 as a kit for U.S. $727 and assembled for U.S. $887.]
Arduino Materia 101 is the first official Arduino 3D printer. It uses an Arduino Mega2560 with a shield specifically made for controlling 3D printers. It's a small machine, with a sheet metal design housing the moving parts. The design is straightforward and easy to understand, which makes it a good machine for beginners, or up-and-coming hardware hackers who want to improve and experiment.
Arduino Materia 101 is an open-source machine, from the design of the mechanics to the electronics and firmware, as all Arduino products. It is fully compatible with other open-source design tools such as: Slic3r, OpenSCAD, blender with many many more.


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