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Friday, September 18, 2015

More Funding to Teach Kids Computing

Microsoft Pledges $75 Million to Expose More Kids to Computer Sciences

Mariella Moon | September 17, 2015

Just like the City of New York, Microsoft believes that it's best to expose kids to computer sciences as soon as possible to prepare them for the growing number of tech jobs out there. That's why Satya Nadella and company have decided to invest a total of $75 million into its YouthSpark initiative within the next three years. YouthSpark will distribute cash donations/grants and resources to various non-profit organizations across the globe, which pledge to increase kids' -- especially youths from under-represented backgrounds -- access to computer science education. 


<more at (NYC plans to offer all public school students computer science classes. September 16, 2015) and (Microsoft expands global YouthSpark initiative to focus on computer science. September 16, 2015); further: (New York City plans to make computer science mandatory in all public schools. The mayor is proposing a 10-year deadline in order to train enough teachers. September 16, 2105)>

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