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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Eye-Tracking from your Phone

The Phones That Track Our Eye Movements

Advertisers are aiming to target where we look when we use the camera on our phone

Daniel Glaser | September 27, 2015

[Blogger's note: Although this discussion of eye-tracking by advertisers is new, the topic has been around for some time, at least as far back as 2010.]
[...]Advertisers are developing ways of tracking our eye movements through the forward-facing camera on our phones. When that happens, there will be nowhere to hide: what you look at gives away what you’re really interested in. It’s even possible to predict the spot the eyes are heading to and plant a nice juicy advert there for when they arrive. This could make for a very uncomfortable browsing environment.

Eyephone: New Cellphone Software Tracks Users' Eye Movements for Control. May 24, 2010. Source: 

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