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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

3D Stereolithography

Formlabs Announces the Form 2, a Professional 3D Printer for Your Desk

Sean O'Kane | September 22, 2015

The term "3D printing" might evoke images of MakerBot's colorful Replicator or wooden Thing-O-Matic in your mind — if it evokes anything at all. But a small company from Massachusetts called Formlabs has spent the last few years quietly (to most of the world) making one of the best desktop printers on the market, balancing high quality with relatively low cost. Now it's time for a new one: the Form 2.

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Formlabs printers work differently than most other desktop 3D printers that you might have seen at fairs or in stores. Instead of building objects by applying small amounts of plastic layer by layer, Formlabs' printers use a process called stereolithography, during which a laser gets shined into a bath of liquid photopolymer, or resin, curing it into a solid object bit by bit.
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