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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Curiosity Stream Subscription Video

Curiosity Stream

A New Paid Video Subscription Service 

I have been enjoying tuning into Curiosity Stream over the last few months. Curiosity Stream is a new video on demand streaming service that became available in March of 2015. Some have dubbed it the "Netflix of Nonfiction" ( Its goal has been to provide commercial-free premium programming at an affordable rate, and to bring to the U.S. market television which has not been readily available. A typical monthly HD subscription is $5.99 (SD is $2.99). A free month's trial is available. Some of the more recent offerings with a documentary focus include
  • The Age of Robots (6 programs)
  • Napoleon: the Russian Campaign (2 programs)
  • Killing Hitler (2 programs)
  • Russia: a Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby (6 parts)
  • Curiosity Retreat Lectures (10 parts) (The Future of the Mind, China, Science of Happiness)
Plans are underway to make Curiosity Stream available on your TV with Roku. In the meantime you can get Curiosity Stream on your television in a number of ways. I use AppleTV (with an iPad) and Google TV, which work well. (The Sony version of Google TV includes a mini keyboard and allows you to bring up a Google browser on your TV.) Each is a small set top box that can play on your TV. Chromecast should work as well, but I have yet to try that.

Additional details and discussion can be found at and The Curiosity Stream video service is found at

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