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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Libraries Without Walls

Libraries Without Walls: When Students Become the Core Design Consideration

Hamilton Wilson, Education Specialist, Wilson Architects, shares his insights into the future trends of education architecture and how to design a 21st century library.This piece is part two of a three-part series; the first explored the school of the future. Lead image: UQ Ipswich Resource Centre

Hamilton Wilson | June 22, 2015

Technology has had far-reaching effects on the library as we used to know it. The idea of the library has been completely transformed from a repository of resources – with controlled access and clearly defined rules – to a gateway of information that can be accessed anywhere, at any time. The focus has expanded from the collections to the community, and the myriad ways they can come together to learn, create and share the huge amount of information now at our fingertips. The library is no longer defined by a physical space – in a school environment, the library services can extend to all the campus – classrooms, outdoor spaces, circulation areas and even the students’ own homes.

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