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Friday, June 12, 2015

Library of Congress Head to Retire

Library of Congress Head James Billington to Retire After Nearly 30 Years

Amy R. Connolly | June 11, 2015

The head of the Library of Congress will step down Jan. 1 as the world's largest library struggles to stay ahead of technological failures that have hampered efforts to bring its holdings into the digital age.
James H. Billington being sworn as Librarian of Congress with others looking on.
James H. Billington, 86, will retire after nearly 30 years as the 13th librarian of Congress. Appointed in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan, Billington was a leading Russian scholar who has since been praised for raising an unprecedented half billion dollars in private-sector donations for the library. At the same time, however, Billington has been highly criticized for "widespread weaknesses" in managing the library's technology resources and internal strife throughout the library.

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