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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

American Library Association and Copyright Office (U.S. Library of Congress)

ALA Slams Bid to Modernize U.S. Copyright Office

DBW | June 12, 2015

The American Library Association (ALA) says a bill now up for consideration in Congress does too little to address what it sees as the issues plaguing the U.S. Copyright Office.
ALA President Courtney Young says the Copyright Office for the Digital Economy (CODE) Act doesn’t solve the issue of severe underinvestment in technological resources the agency needs to serve its mission in the digital age.

<more at; related links: (ALA Questions Bid for Independent Copyright Office) and (Copyright Crises and Controversies) ["The American Library Association (ALA) blasts a bill pending in Congress that would bring the U.S. Copyright Office out from under the auspices of the Library of Congress."]; further: (Copyright Office for the Digital Economy (CODE) Act Section by Section)>

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