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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rights of the Blind & Implications for Colleges and Universities

Blind Students' Lawsuit Leads to Big Changes at N.J. County College

Kelly Heyboer | June 17,, 2015

...First, college officials said he was required to have a sighted aide with him at all times on campus, whether he needed one or not. Then, the school allegedly failed to provide him with textbooks or software accessible to the blind, leading him to withdraw or get failing grades in several classes.
He was also unable to do science labs or use the campus website to access his class schedule without the help of others.
With the combination of the TactileView design software and Index Braille embosser, blind users can enjoy tactile images of any kind.
The obstacles "imposed upon him the burden of working doubly hard merely to catch up to where his sighted peers are," according to a federal lawsuit Lanzilotti and another student filed earlier this year against the college with the National Federation for the Blind.

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