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Thursday, June 9, 2016

UPS 3D Printing On Demand

UPS 3D Printing on Demand (+Podcast)

Katie Armstrong | June 6, 2016

[Blogger's note: The full podcast is nearly 42 minutes. The specific section on UPS Printing on Demand starts at time mark 29:30, which you can click on or fast forward.]
Ian Kerr, founder and host of Postal Hub Podcast, a podcast for the mail and express industry, recently spoke to Cathy Morrow Roberson from Logistics Trends and Insights. They talked about the implications of 3D printing on the postal industry, specifically UPS’ new print on demand system.
UPS will make a huge impact from a logistics and delivery perspective. Last year, UPS made an investment in 3d printing in a startup called Fast Radius. They are now utilizing the 3D printing capabilities by putting printers in their UPS stores, creating a network for 3D printing on demand for manufacturers across the US.

"UPS 3D printing customers will visit the Fast Radius website to place their 3D Printing orders. The order will be directed to the optimal manufacturing or UPS Store location based on speed, geography, and customer requirements. UPS on demand 3D printing could change the logistics of shipments of export cargo and import." Source:

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