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Thursday, June 9, 2016

New Glasses Help The Color Blind See The World In Color

Revolutionary Glasses Help Color Blind Man See the World in Color for the First Time (+Video)

Zach Epstein | June 8, 2016

An artist himself, Toledo, OH native Roger Grieve has undoubtedly appreciated thousands of works of art over the years. But this past Sunday, Grieve walked into the Toledo Museum of Art and saw the masterpieces within for the first time as they were intended to be seen.
Despite his love of art and his passion for creating it, Grieve was born color blind and has never even been able to see the fruits of his own labor as the rest of the world sees them. But revolutionary new glasses created by Oakland, CA-based EnChroma and provided to Grieve by the Toledo Museum of Art allowed the man to see the various works of art on display in full, vivid color.

"Left: Venice seen by someone with colorblindness. Right: Venice seen by a colorblind person while wearing the EnChroma glasses." Source:

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