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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Maybe Cheaper Artificial Intelligence (AI) On The Way: Hacker Built His Own Driverless Car

The Hacker Who Built His Own Self-Driving Car is Ushering in the Age of Cheap AI (+Video)

Joon Ian Wong | April 4, 2016

Silicon Valley was taken aback when Bloomberg profiled a 26-year-old named George Hotz in December who said he had single-handedly built a self-driving car in his garage. It was true that Hotz was an accomplished hacker, being the first person to jailbreak an iPhone. But could a solo effort comprised of $13 cameras really produce results to rival the work of giants like Google, Ford, and General Motors, not to mention well-funded upstarts like Tesla?

iPhone jailbreaking pioneer George Hotz is building a self-driving car of his own... Source:

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