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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Microsoft - NASA Adventure: Destination Mars

Microsoft will Serve The First Humans on Mars

Anthony Cerullo | April 12, 2016

Despite what many think, it won’t be NASA sending humans to Mars. Instead, it will be Microsoft and a holographic Buzz Aldrin. Using the HoloLens device, the software company will offer up a virtual adventure for visitors at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
Explore Mars with Buzz Aldrin and Microsoft
Despite all this talk about space tourism, let’s face it. You probably can’t afford it. Let Taylor Swift and Elon Musk luxuriously laugh the night away over a few glasses of space champagne on their trip to Planet 9. 

Erisa Hines, a driver for the Mars Curiosity rover, based at JPL, also talks to participants in "Destination: Mars." Source:

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