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Monday, April 25, 2016

Blockchain Technology And Digital Authentication

In Proof We Trust

Blockchain technology will revolutionise far more than money: it will change your life. Here’s how it actually works

Dominic Frisby | April 21, 2016

[...] We’ll see decentralised storage and cloud computing as well, considerably reducing the risk of storing data with a single provider. A company called Trustonic is working on a new blockchain-based mobile phone operating system to compete with Android and Mac OS.
Just as the blockchain records where a bitcoin is at any given moment, and thus who owns it, so can blockchain be used to record the ownership of any asset and then to trade ownership of that asset. This has huge implications for the way stocks, bonds and futures, indeed all financial assets, are registered and traded. [...]

"... the most common type of digital transaction utilising the blockchain is bitcoin..." (What is Blockchain technology? October 9, 2015) Source:

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