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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

'Pinch And Park': Car Thieves Develop Strategy To Elude Vehicle Tracking Devices

'Pinch and Park': Car Thieves' New Tactic to Avoid Being Snared by Tracking Devices

Home Office report says criminals are stealing cars and leaving them in a safe place for several days in case police are watching GPS-tracking data

David Barrett | January 4, 2016

[Blogger's note: Vehicle tracking devices and GPS are technologies which were seen to help prevent theft. They can be defeated by thieves changing their strategy.]
Car thieves have developed a new tactic to avoid arrest after stealing cars which may have been fitted with a tracking device, an official report has disclosed.
Criminals are increasingly adopting the new method – dubbed “pinch and park” – which sees them steal a vehicle and then park it in a safe place for several days in case police have access to GPS data from an on-board security device.
If the car has not been picked up by the authorities a few days after being taken from its owners, the thieves know it is safe to move to a workshop to fit new number plates and then sell on or export.

Global car theft hot-spots and trends revealed. [January 2013] Source:

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