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Friday, January 8, 2016

Homeless College Students

Tens of Thousands of College Students Have Nowhere to Sleep

Last year at least 56,000 college students identified as homeless

Rebecca Nathanson | December 22, 2015

LaTia Daniels started at Kennesaw State University as a walk-on to the school's track and field team, earning an athletic scholarship on top of her federal financial aid. When she quit the team to focus more on her studies, and that athletic scholarship disappeared, she compensated by getting a job through a temp agency. That arrangement worked fine until her final semester, this fall, when she needed an internship to meet her graduation requirements. She had to quit her job to make time for the internship, but it was unpaid. Saving on rent by moving to her father's house, plus taking out additional student loans, helped at first, but eventually the long commute and family discord made the situation untenable. Just months before graduation, Daniels found herself without a place to sleep.

The sources of the statistics in each category are indicated on the Gates Foundation website at:

<more at; related links: (The Gates Foundation Profiles American College Students. January 31, 2015) and (Number of homeless students in U.S. has doubled since before the recession. September 14, 2015)>

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