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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On Things and People That Lie

Internet of Things That Lie: the Future of Regulation Is Demonology

Cory Doctorow | October 2, 2015

Volkswagen's cars didn't have a fault in their diesel motors -- they were designed to lie to regulators, and that matters, because regulation is based on the idea that people lie, but things tell the truth.
The Internet of Things is a world of devices (buildings, legs, TVs, phones) that can be programmed to sense and respond to their environments. These are things that don't submit to scrutiny: they fight back. You know the old joke about a broken photocopier that works perfectly when the repair tech shows up? Xerox could build one of those and maximize service-call revenue.

New Truth Machine App Detects Lies
The new Truth Machine app alerts you when a colleague, vendor or friend is lying to you. Analyzing both audio and video images from a face-to-face conversation or video chat, it identifies potential deceit. The app's founders claim that the app can detect 99% of all lies.I'm lying. Source: 

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