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Monday, October 12, 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair (2015) and E-books

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: What Libraries Need to Consider When Looking at E-book Lending Solutions

Maribel Riaza and Javier Celaya | October 9, 2015

E-book lending in libraries has its challenges, but as the explosion of new players, platforms, and service providers in the field suggests, it is on the upswing. How do you choose which e-book lending service is best for your library?

That may be the most difficult part of the equation. Competition is supposed to be good for markets but is the market for library e-book lending services getting overly complicated? Are all the new players and models just adding to the confusion in the marketplace for libraries? For libraries, there are lending limits, time limits, complicated pricing, and publishers who only work with some services and not others. And, for patrons, just how many plug-ins and systems and steps should a reader have to be expected to navigate just to get an e-book?

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