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Monday, August 1, 2016

Turn Your Black And White Photos Into Color: Free And Fast

This AI Can Colour in Your Black and White Photos in Seconds   

Recolouring black and white photos is a slow and expensive process – professional photographers and artists can spend hours or days painstakingly adding colour into old photographs

Tyler O'Hare | August 1, 2016

[...] The app is powered by an AI being developed by Richard Zhang, Phillip Isola and Alexei A. Efros, at the University of California, who have set up the interactive demo as part of an ongoing research paper.
The end-user side of the app is incredibly easy; you can paste in the URL of the picture you want fixed, or even upload a picture saved on your computer. The AI will process the image in the background, and in a few seconds displays the photo with a slider bar so you can compare the black and white version with the recoloured one.
According to the demo page, the app uses “Deep learning to automatically colourise black and white photos”, which basically means it uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to ‘learn’ how to colour in black and white photos.



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