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Monday, August 15, 2016

Gigabit Internet Speeds From WiFi

‘Wireless Fiber’ Could Give Us Gigabit Internet Speeds with No Cables At All

Brian Fung | August 15, 2016

[...] thanks to a technology some Internet service providers (ISPs) expect to roll out next year, Americans dreaming of better, faster broadband may actually be able to get it.
[...] Cellular Internet is a little different. Cell towers are expensive, too, but they create a one-to-many connection that serves thousands of mobile devices wirelessly — rather than creating a dedicated pipe to a single, fixed destination such as a home or business. The speeds aren't quite as fast on mobile data as what you get with fixed broadband, but for basic Web browsing and video, it's good enough.

[Click to Enlarge] "Cellular Networks to Gather the Developing World On-line." Source:

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