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Monday, August 15, 2016

First Wearable Brain Scanner

First Wearable Brain Scanner to Probe People with Amazing Gifts

Helen Thomspn | August 12, 2016

Take a walk while I look inside your brain. Scientists have developed the first wearable PET scanner – allowing them to capture the inner workings of the brain while a person is on the move. The team plans to use it to investigate the exceptional talents of savants, such as perfect memory or exceptional mathematical skill.
All available techniques for scanning the deeper regions of our brains require a person to be perfectly still. This limits the kinds of activities we can observe the brain doing, but the new scanner will enable researchers to study brain behaviour in normal life, as well providing a better understanding of the tremors of Parkinson’s disease, and the effectiveness of treatments for stroke.

"Wearing the portable scanner." Source:
Earlier version. Source:

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