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Thursday, August 4, 2016

DuSee: Baidu Unveils Augmented Reality (AR) Platform

Baidu Shows Off DuSee, an Augmented Reality Platform for China’s Mobile Users (+Video)

Lucas Matney | August 3, 2016

Soon, hundreds of millions of mobile users in China will have direct access to an augmented reality smartphone platform on their smartphones.
Baidu, China’s largest search engine, unveiled an AR platform today called DuSee that will allow China’s mobile users the opportunity to test out smartphone augmented reality on their existing devices. The company also detailed that they plan to integrate the technology directly into their flagship apps, including the highly popular Mobile Baidu search app.
“DuSee will enable our customers to deliver a delightful real-time AR experience to the millions of people who use Baidu‘s mobile apps every day, thus quickly bringing AR to a huge population,” Zeng Hua, Baidu’s Key Account Department Senior Director said in a statement.

IDL [Baidu Research's Institute of Deep Learning] Director Yuanqing Lin stated: "Many smartphone AR apps today work by 'pasting' a cartoon on top of the camera image, regardless of that image's contents. The next generation of AR apps will use AI to understand the 3D environment, and create virtual objects that have rich interactions with the user and the real world. We are excited about future directions such as integrating AR with speech recognition and natural language processing."

"A 3D map shown on top of a flat surface with Baidu's Dusee mobile augmented reality technology." Source:
[Click on link for video] Source:
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