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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Hidden Side Of Autism In Marriage

So Is Your Impossible Husband Actually Autistic? Research Reveals Thousands of British Men Have Gone Undiagnosed (+Video)

Undiagnosed autistic spectrum disorder may be cause of marriage trouble. Signs include clumsiness, social awkwardness and a lack of friends. Studies show that up to one-in-38 people could be born with autism

Rachel Ellis | July 31, 2016

Does your husband seem to lack any empathy for your emotions and yet get mortally wounded by the most light-hearted of comments you make?
Maybe he is clumsy, useless in social situations and seems to have no friends of his own. Is he, well, just ever more impossible?
This could well describe many middle-aged men – certainly, if you ask their long-suffering wives.
But they could be signs that he is autistic, experts say.



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