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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Affordable DIY 3D Printer From Chinavasion (~ $200 USD)

Chinavasion Releases Affordable DIY 3D Printer

Katie Armstrong | August 1, 2016

Five years go the idea of owning your own desktop 3D printer was something dreamlike. They were expensive, with the cheapest DIY being around $350 and the next jumping to $530, and pre-built printers would have you shelling out at least $700. Fast forward to 2016 and Chinavasion have made a DIY 3D printer that will start at around $200USD. This is largely due to the recent boom in 3D printing, which has created a new market and opened new opportunities for industry specialists.
Thanks in part to the fantastic-ness of the internet, and its open source community of developers and designers, 3D printers have reached greater heights.


[Click on link for video] "How the ANET A6 DIY 3D Printer Kit - Metal + Acrylic Frame Work?" Published July 22, 2016 at:

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